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Tipo de Documento: Tesis
Autor : Delgado, Ricardo
Título : Late blight: pathogen variability and disease resistance breeding in Ecuador
Fecha de publicación : 21-oct-2019
Editorial : Wageningen, NL: Wageningen University, 2019. 138 p.
Código: *EC-INIAP-BEETP-MBY. Mocache (T/ D352l)
Páginas: 6 p.
Estación: E. E. Tropical Pichilingue
Resumen : Potato is one of the most import food crops in Ecuador. It is produced mostly by small scale farmers. Late blight is the main disease that affects the yield of the crop in the country. The development of resistant potato varieties is a major goal in the breeding program conducted by INIAP. The genetic diversity within the P. infestans population was studied. Despite the lack of sexual recombination, there is ample genetic variability within the Ecuadorian clonal population of the pathogen. Disease assays revealed that only very few resistant clones are available in Ecuador and that new sources of resistant clones are badly needed. Alternatives for improving and speeding up potato breeding in Ecuador are discussed based on the current legal framework.
Citación : Delgado, R. (2019). Late blight: pathogen variability and disease resistance breeding in Ecuador. (Tesis de Doctorado). Wageningen University, 2019, 138 p. Wageningen, Netherlands.
URI : http://repositorio.iniap.gob.ec/handle/41000/6204
ISBN : 978-94-6343-947-3
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