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Tipo de Documento: Proyecto
Autor : Caicedo Vargas, Carlos
Título : Report Secondment of training in agroforestry and agroecological research.
Fecha de publicación : 2023
Páginas: 32.p
Estación: E. E. Central Amazónica
Resumen : In 2023, The Undertrees project planned to carry out training and career development (W2) processes, therefore the general objective of this secondment was to exchange experiences to strengthen training in agroforestry and agroecological research. The specific objectives were: analyze primary and secondary information on agroforestry and agroecology and exchange experiences on advances in agroforestry and agroecological research. This secondment was carried out at the Escuola Superiore San't Anna (SSA), Pisa Italy under the direction of Dr. Paolo Barberi through seminars, workshops, field days, literature review and knowledge exchange with experts on agroecology issues and agroforestry. The activities carried out were: review of a scientific article and submission to the journal, review of a second scientific article for possible submission in July and delivery to the director of the Univerty of Cordoba (UCO), Spain of the first draft of the doctoral thesis, in addition to the analysis of databases and applications of new methodologies for the analysis of ecosystem and agroecosystem services (CISES), participation in at least 9 international seminars, at least 10 visits to trials of agroecological practices, meetings with the Project coordinators and participation in the Undertrees workshop. Among the results, the review of at least 23 scientific articles on issues of agroecological transition, agroforestry and agroecology. It is concluded that this training promoted and enhanced contacts with specialists in these topics, the skills and knowledge will be applicable to the research that it carried out in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Citación : Caicedo Vargas C. (2023). Report Secondment of training in agroforestry and agroecological research (March 25th to June 25 th, 2023). 32p.
URI : http://repositorio.iniap.gob.ec/handle/41000/6030
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