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Tipo de Documento: Artículo
Autor : Piato, Kevin
Lindsey, Norgrove
Subía, Cristian
Lefort, François
Pico, Jimmy
Calderón, Darío
Título : No Reduction in Yield of Young Robusta Coffee When Grown under Shade Trees in Ecuadorian Amazonia
Palabras clave : Coffea canephora;yield;growth;agroforestry;leaf chlorophyll;leaf N;organic versus conventional
Fecha de publicación : may-2022
Páginas: 18 p.
Estación: E. E. Central Amazónica
Resumen : Little is known on what impact shade trees have on the physiology of Coffea canephora (robusta coffee) under tropical humid conditions. To fill this gap, a field experiment was conducted in the Ecuadorian Amazon to investigate how growth, nutrition (leaf N), phenological state (BBCH-scale) and yield of 5-year-old robusta coffee shrubs are affected by the presence or absence of leguminous trees, the type (organic v conventional) and intensity of management. The experiment was a factorial 5 × 4 design with four cropping systems: intensive conventional (IC), moderate conventional (MC), intensive organic (IO) and low organic (LO), and with five shading systems in a split-plot arrangement: full sun (SUN), both Erythrina spp. and Myroxylon balsamum (TaE), M. balsamum (TIM), E. spp. (ERY) and Inga edulis (GUA). Three monthly assessments were made. Cherry yields of coffee shrubs under moderate shade (c. 25%) were similar to those under high light exposure. Coffee shrubs grown with either E. spp. or I. edulis were taller (+10%) and had higher leaf N concentrations (22%) than those grown without consistent shade. Unless receiving c. 25% of shade, coffee shrubs grown under organic cropping systems showed reduced growth (25%). No correlation was found between height, cherry yield and leaf N. Both shading and cropping systems affected leaf N concentration, also depending on phenological state and yield. Further research is needed to confirm our findings in the long-term as well as to elucidate how leguminous trees may induce physiological responses in robusta coffee under humid tropical conditions
URI : http://repositorio.iniap.gob.ec/handle/41000/5837
ISSN : 2075-1729.
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