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Tipo de Documento: Revista
Autor : Alvarez, Hugo
Limongi Andrade, Ricardo
Peña Monserrate, Geover Rolando
Navarrete Cedeño, José Bernardo
Zambrano, Eddie
Viera, William
Título : Agro-Morphological Characterization “In situ” of Tamarindus indica L. in the Dry Forest of Ecuador Keywords: Accessions, breeding, descriptors, Fabaceae, tamarind
Título de la serie: Tropical Agricultural Science, 42(3): 1147-1156
Fecha de publicación : 2019
Código: *EC-INIAP-BEEP-LA. Portoviejo (Tropical Agricultural Science 42 (3):1147-1156. 2019)
Páginas: p. 1147-1156
Estación: E. E. Portoviejo
Resumen : Tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) is a species of high economic potential in local markets in Ecuador. This species is mainly used for its nutritional, industrial, medicinal and/ or therapeutic attributes, in addition to its use as an ornamental tree. However, scarce information has been generated about this little explored species. In order to identify individuals with outstanding quality and production characteristics, an in situ morphological characterization of 32 individuals was carried out in the provinces of Manabí, Guayas and Loja. Qualitative and quantitative traits were evaluated using descriptive, parametric and multivariate analysis. The date of flowering and harvesting were determined as qualitative discriminant variables; while the discriminant quantitative traits were plant height, seed number per pod, pulp percentage, peel percentage and fruit-rib percentage. Cluster analysis established six groups; however, little variability was observed based on the morphological genetic distance, thus it could indicate that there is a low genetic abundance of T. indica in the dry forest of Ecuador.
Citación : Alvarez, H., Limongi Andrade, R., Navarrete Cedeño, J.B., Zambrano, E., y Viera. William. (2019). Agro-Morphological Characterization “In situ” of Tamarindus indica L. in the Dry Forest of Ecuador. Pertanika J. Tropical Agricultural Science, 42(3), 1147-1156.
URI : http://repositorio.iniap.gob.ec/handle/41000/5379
ISSN : 1511-3701
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