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dc.coverage.spatialE. E. Santa Catalinaes_ES
dc.creatorQuiroga Quisaguano, Santiago Andrés-
dc.creatorMorillo, Eduardo-
dc.creatorOrbe, Katerine-
dc.creatorMeneses Montesdeoca, Luis Santiago-
dc.creatorBuitrón Bustamante, Johanna Liseth-
dc.identifier.other*EC-INIAP-BEESC-MGC. Quito (INIAP/CD105)-
dc.description.abstractCentrolobium ochroxylum, a forest species is of great commercial value. Indirect somatic embryogenesis has been developed from leaf explants for Centrolobium ochroxylum. Seven different media were tested for the induction. Embryogenic callus was observed using half strength MS medium supplemented with different concentrations of picloram under complete dark conditions. Medium supplemented with 5 mg/l picloram showed the highest percentage (68%) of embryogenic callus. The histological observation revealed the presence of isodiametric cells with a prominent nucleus at the centre. Development of somatic embryos was also observed in another three media without plant growth regulators. Starch grains and storage proteins were observed in matured somatic embryos. This is the first report on somatic embryogenesis in Centrolobium ochroxylum.es_ES
dc.format.extentp. 1-10es_ES
dc.titleMorphological and histological ontogeny of Somatic embryogenesis in Centrolobium ochroxylumes_ES
dcterms.bibliographicCitationQuiroga Quisaguano, S.A., Iles, D., Morillo, E., Orbe, K., Meneses Montesdeoca, L.S., & Buitrón, J. (january/june, 2016). Morphological and histological ontogeny of Somatic embryogenesis in Centrolobium ochroxylum. International Journal of Clinical and Biological Sciences, 1(1), 1-10.es_ES
dc.title.serieInternational Journal of Clinical and Biological Sciences 1(1):1-10es_ES
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